Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rava Puttu

365 days .... for morning breakfast... this is something you will find it at my grandma's house. I enjoy having with sugar and fried kerala banana.  I bet that's a deadly combination....!!!

1/2 coconut
200 grams fine rava
salt to taste.

Roast rava lightly, without turning it into brownish.
Remove and cool.
Grate the coconut.
sprinkle salted water and mix till it looks like bread crumbs.

Heat water in the 'Puttu Vessel'.(The 'puttu'- or steamed rava cake : vessel is fitted with the 'Kutti' { a cylindrical contraption} at its mouth. The half filled water in the main vessel is boiled and the steam escapes through the 'Kutti', threaby cooking the puttu)

Sprinkle little grated coconut in the 'Puttu Kutti' and put two handfuls of the preapread rava.
Again sprinkle coconut and rava in two layers.
Keep it in the vessel and cover with the lid.
Cook till steam comes out.
Remove the 'Kutti' from the vessel till steam comes out.
Remove the 'kutti' from the vessel and push out the contents to a plate.

Serve hot with sugar and plantain or stew.



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