Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prawns Kaka Roti

I am posting this for an event a blogger Magpiesrecipes is hosting. so here this goes to Kerala kitchen. Thanx for hosting such a event. I may be a bit late to post... n this is due to todays's match...!!!

As for the dish... its something we enjoy... the coconut gravy with the pindi( We call it pindi no idea what others call...). 

(Steamed rice dumplings in prawn gravy)

For the rice pindi

2 cups parboiled ponni rice
1 cup of ammis rice powder
3/4  onion
1 tsp fennel seeds
4 tbsp coconut

For the gravy

1/2 kg prawns
3/4 cup coconut
1/4 tsp small jeera
1 onion
1/2 tomato
4 green chilles
1 tsp corinader powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
3 tbsp coriander leaves
2 tbsp oil

To make the pindi:
Soak the rice in hot water for 30 minutes.
Grind it to a coarse paste.
Add the fennel seed,, coconut and onion and just grind it until all is mixed.
But Not a fine smooth paste.
In a large bowl add the rice powder and rice paste.
Knead it .
The rice dough should not be too sticky.
Keep aside for 20 minutes.
Make small balls and steam it in a steamer.

To make the gravy:
Roast the coconut with salt, small jeera, 1/2 onion,  1tsp coriander powder and few curry leaves until light brown.
Once cooled , grind the coconut mix with 1/2 cup water to a fine paste.
Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a deep big pan.
Add onion and tomato  and saute until soft.
Then add green chillies, tumeric, red chillie powder and coriander leaves
Add prawns, 1/4 cup water and cover the lid  cook until prawns are cooked.
Then add coconut paste and boil just once.

Once the pindi is cooled , add them to the gravy.
Warm it until all is mixed.


  1. wow! nice one! Never had this but I love the combination of prawns and rice :)

  2. wow...hearing such a dish for the first time..
    do check my blog when time permits



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