Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dry Fruits Cream.....


  • 3 Fresh Cream
  • 1 glass Milk
  • 1 tin milkmaid
  • 25 black grapes
  • 25 kismis
  • 25 Almonds
  • 25 Cashew
  • 10 Dates
  • 10 Fig
  • 25 grams Pista without salt
Cut all the dry fruits into small pieces.
Mix 1/4 tin of milkmaid and 2 fresh cream  with the dry fruits.
Keep aside.

Boil Milk.
The add 1 fresh cream and milkmaid and mix well.

Add 2 tsp of gelatin in 1/4 glass of hot water.
Mix well.

In a mixer beat the milk mixture and the gelatin well.

Pour in a tray or short glasses and keep in the fridge to set.

Once it is set cover it up with the dry fruits mixture.

If you need you can decorate it with cornflakes or strawberry.

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